My car 73 vert, has been in the body shop for a year. The agreement was to work on it when they had time. All they did was take it apart and after being garaged for 9 years ( I've owned it for 20) it sat outside, naked, for the last year. They kept telling me they couldn't find body parts!! I'm sad, and a little angry. More to the point however, I am going to tackle this myself. I'm pretty handy for a mere girl however and will be coming here for help. My son can weld (he recently bought a 65 converted to 12 volt, insanity runs amok in our family) and I'm an artist so here we go. I've already gotten some helpful hints here and have no fear, lol.
Thanks for being here
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Good luck with the resto, don't give up on it!

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Good luck. But it is so much more satisfying when someone says "nice beetle" to say "thanks I put a lot of work into it" then "thanks I put a lot money into it".

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Good on You....
a beetle sitting out in the weather is Not Good..
You can do most things Yourself....   I did,,,,
its not as easy when you aren't a mechanic but just ask about and see how You go....
its also much cheaper to do it Your self...
Now, it took Me 8 years to do mine... lol
a bit of bad health made it that long, it also made it much more difficult as I couldn't remember what screw went where.... lol
I still haven't found some special screws.. lol
My Son can weld and paint cars so I was very lucky..  as I can't do either ... lol
I can however paint My engine etc... lol


Lee from Australia

post some pics on here....
can send them to Me if you can't post them on here...

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