hey guys, so heres the deal, i have an electronic ignition, and i checked my coil yesterday and the spark is very weak, not to mention theres a hole in it... so im looking to buy a new one, but im getting confused becouse of the ohms in the coils.. i wana get a high voltage coil, but some are 3ohm and some 1.5, and theres even .6..
so which will work for me?
i have a 74 super
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just called the shop and checked the charts at pertronix .com and i have to use the 3ohm so it wont fry my ignition...

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Yes thats correct..
a 3 ohm coil won't get as hot as the others...
I've seen 2 ohm coils too...
sold as GT40 bosch in Australia
and they can't be used with electronic ignitions as they over heat...  and burn out...

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