İ am having a frustrating time trying to work out if i have a GSR or not--i cant get the pics to load on here but it is identical in everyway to the examples on the GSR register!
There are a few of differences i can see-. The black side mirror is stainless steel on mine(i have seen pics in both states). The car was produced in 1973 but didnt get sold til May 1974 in berlin. The engine seems to look original and sports the AD prefix but is ad 053++++ whereas someone says they started AD 9900++++-- i dont know how to check out its size but i have seen 140kph on the clock!-someone has added a spoiler affect in body work colour on the rear but it has just been plugged into the original grill-the black engine cover light housing has been colour too--but its black underneath!  
Apart from these differences it is spot on the model- i would like to contact the register for the marque but its all in German because about 80 of the 91 cars are in germany!ad i havent got a clue about Deutche)-
A new bug fan--well it looks like İ have a 1303s GSR 1973---its looks right and has all the spec. İt originates in germany
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Check the tag to see the date of manufacture.  Although May 1974 is kind of late for a leftover, it's not unheard of.  An easy alternative -- easier, now that I think about it -- is to check the VIN.  If the VIN doesn't start with a 133, it isn't a 1973 model year Super and, therefore, can't be a GSR.

Under the front hood (bonnet), there should be a sticker with a color code.  It should read "saturn gelb" which means Saturn yellow, and it may be all one word.  I don't remember.  The color code (L13M) should be listed also.  I'm not exactly sure where that sticker is on a 1303.

I am guessing by your use of KPH and "colour" you may be from Canada.  GSR's were never imported to North America officially, but that doesn't mean someone didn't bring one over after buying it in Germany.  North America had a special edition which was sort of a cousin to the GSR.  It was called the Sports Bug.  Most were yellow but some were blue.  Many of the features were shared by the two special editions -- the seats, some of the black-out trim, the steering wheel, the bumpers, etc.  Some of the Sports Bug features were dealer add-ons (supposedly), and they weren't always added on.  I don't know if any of this applies to a GSR, but the mirrors prove nothing.  As for the rear spoiler, that only proves some previous owner added that on.

Again going with the guess you are from Canada, there was a chap in Maine who owned a GSR clone.  I never saw it with the rear spoiler.  It was originally a Saturn yellow 1303.  He went about his business to collect the right seats, steering wheel, etc., to make it look as authentic as possible.  I don't believe he still owns it.  It was gorgeous.  I would have purchased it from him had I known it was on the market.  Maybe there is a slim chance that is the car you now have.

Finally, there used to be a way to write to the VW museum in Germany and get a so-called birth certificate for the car with your VIN.  I have never done this but it is my understanding for a nominal fee, they write back and tell you its original date of manufacture, its original color, and some other stuff.  I don't know if they will state specifically if it was a GSR or any other kind of special edition if applicable, but certainly color and features would give a rock solid clue at the very least.

Too bad you can't load pics.  The GSR looks like the rallye Beetles that used to race, and they remain some of my favorite looking Beetles -- standard and Super.
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Many thanks waspman!
İ have the original purchase papers from the german dealership in Berlin and the VİN and the engine number match to a GSR as does the car colouring description--it was actually purchased in early 1973 but its first service wasnt until 1974(my german is naff)

İ live in turkey,but i am English. Many migrant workers worked in Germany from here and they had a parchant for bringing cars back to turkey. The import tax on this car would have bought a decent house at that time so the owner was well funded!--the import papers state the engine hp which ties it into to being a GSR.
Something curious happened during my summer vacation in Turkey -a retired German voltswagen company worker spied my car outside my home and he knocked my door to rave about it--he quoted some surreal valuation because he said such an original example was impossible to find anywhere!--i am finding it hard to talk to any other owners of the marque because of the language barrier!

A new bug fan--well it looks like İ have a 1303s GSR 1973---its looks right and has all the spec. İt originates in germany
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You can get a birth certificat, from VW Museum in Wolfsburg, it will cost you 50 €

You can use this link:

Best reards
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