I introduced myself recently to the forum. I still haven't purchased my first VW yet, but I'm hoping to do so very soon. Anyway, here in Dusseldorf is the largest VW dealership in Germany and they have several cars on display including a dissected Bug which is suspended in mid-air.

In these photos you'll see:

White 78 1300
Black 43 Split
Red 49 Vert
Blue 03 (According to the sign is "last Sedan of the World")
Red Bus Fire Truck (Year?)
Gold Sheet Metal Only 1300 (I believe)

Many thanks to all of you for your advice. This forum is an awesome place. I'll let you know when I finally make a purchase!


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That is a dealership?  It looks like a Volkswagen museum! I noticed a Hebmueller in one of your pictures as well. Very nice - thanks!

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Thanks Martin.  I was in Germany in  2003 and was a bit disappointed to see so few old VW's.  Since then I have learned through different forums that the movement is very much alive over there with TYP15 being the best example.
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