'72 Super Beetle Baja Champion SE
009 fully mechanical advance set to 30 degrees
34 PICT 3 Carb
valves set to 6 thou.
oil bath air cleaner
fresh rebuilt engine not even 400 miles old.

I'm trying to figure out how hot is too hot. I did a valve adjustment today, adjusted the brakes and took off for a test drive. I took a 15 minute drive where I was at around 70mph most of the way. As soon as I pulled into the driveway I turned the car off, jumped out with my infrared thermometer and took readings from between the pushrod tubes. Here are the readings.
1 - 305
2 - 299
3 - 279
4 - 272
And the dip stick was at 185.

Are these temps normal? I need to know by about 9pm tonight so I can either cancel my trip or just go with it.
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