You see I was told a while back about a problem buy a guy who previously had a bug. It has to do with the Side Framing right behind the rinning boards and under the door. He was telling me that once that part rusts badly the car is pretty much screwed. Is there a way i can fix this? i have some pics here

 Nice Big ol' spot for a bee nest or spider hideout right about now 

 Also there are areas where Rust is taking its toll on the sides behind the door

Now Pretty much the rust in that particular area is like sand when you feel around in the cavity where the rust has eaten all the way through.


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If I'm not mistaken, that looks like the heater channel.  They do rust out.  However, I wouldn't say it's not fixable.  If you've got a welder, you can do it yourself.  I believe there is an article right on this site that will show you how to do it with the body on or off the car (your choice apparantly).  I think it's in the tech section.

1972 Super Beetle
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Yes you can fix that you can weld in new heater channels or have some one do it for you.You can buy most all of the panels that rust out on a bug. Good luck on your bug!!!

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Thanks for the tips. At first i was starting to think that those parts were unfixable and my poor Bug was gonna end up like Herbie being split into two. That man really scared me.

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I have had similar problems in the past with my bugs. What I did with one of my bugs was that, after I had covered all the rust with body-filla, and grinded every rust patch away. I then went around the whole car, marking the "lowest point" on "water catchment spots" in each body panel eg. panel between the tailpipes, rear fenders(2 holes each), front fender( 2 holes each), etc. All in all I had about 12 points. Even better: On a hot day, hose your car done for at least 5 mins. Make sur it's on a PERFECTLY FLAT surface! Leave for exactly 5 mins, then inspect your car for water drops! Observe on the bottom edges, in and around the wheel, etc. Leave again for 5 more mins, redo your observation.




The last remaining water drops will accurately id "high water catchment" spots. These are the spots where you need to drill ting holes in to allow water to escape more freely.  


I then took a 3mm drill bit, and made tiny holes, where I had marked. 




I placed my car on jack stands, because MUST NOT be visible when the car is standing on it's own. They MUST be directly FACING THE GROUND!


I then proceeded with the applying of the 1st coat, 2nd coat, etc! I have had no problems thus far, and it drains very well. What's even better is that no one knows my car is full of holes, but I know why I did them!


Good luck!   

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The only rusted areas in my bug that wasn't available to replace was a small rust spot where the defrost tube goes up on the cowl area just forward and to the left of the brake petal and on the rear window vent. Those patch panels had to be fabricated. Every thing else is available. My damage was similiar to yours but srangely enough it was only visible on the left side. I went ahead and had the right side parts ready and when it came time sure enough there was some rust rearing it's mess there too!

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You think that's a rust problem?  What I didn't know about Beetles then . . .


Check this out:

Too much foam doesn't fix anything.























In case you didn't know, foam can fix anything . . .


or this:

I can see my axle?























 That's my axle you can see, honest, and the same on the other side.  Thankfully, a good body-man reassured me it wasn't fatal.
















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I wonder what it was with the foam? I had the same thing with my 65 and I filled 2 very large trash cans with the stuff.

Of course I think it was the only thing holding it together
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