Well here they are guys its a 1973 Super. I got it for 600 bucks at an auction. It came with Two Kenwood Speakers,A Cd player, the single window kit, A scat shifter and im guessing the engine was rebuilt. I added the new Hid tuner headlights. and i am ordering new front fenders in about a week or so. One of my pistons are goin bad and the place in MD who specializes in Classic VWs wants to charge 3500 bucks for labor.....not including the cost for supplying the Piston parts. Steel buggin will charge 1700 for a brand new 1600 weber dual carb motor. do the math on that one. well any rate here are some pics.


This is the inside of Hercule



This is the shot if the window kit



This is hercule a little pissed that he needs to be washed



Heres a pic of the motor



Heres the back side of hercule(some non-driving a-hole hit my car in the parkinglot i had to bend that dang bumper back in place.)



Heres a bug under full moon



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Looks like you got a great deal there. I think you're better off with Steel Buggin. $3,500 just for the labor? That's WAY TOO MUCH!

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One nice looking 1303S Beetle...  nice color too....

shame about the rust problem in the front fenders...

I have never seen rust around the headlamps like that in Australia..

It must be the salt & chemicals used on the icy roads during the winter.

We don't have that problem in Australia...



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Damn!!!! hella find dude. but they want way too much money just for labor. heck for that price you could buy all the tools, the parts, and well damn another bug and still have some money left over.
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