Ok, A 73 beetle w/ a brand new 1776, dual weber carbs, enlge
.110 cam, lightend balanced fly wheel 8 dowled to the counter weighted
balanced crank, rods are balanced, hot valve springs, ported pollished
heads porche swivle foot valve adjusters. Is this a good thing I have a chance to get this VDub but I have never had anything bigger that a 1600Dp. How Much HP are we talking about here and what would you think it is worth?

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Who built the engine?  In my experience the engine has almost no bearing on the sale price of the car.  All that really matters is if it runs.  Without more specific info (head type, who ported, who balanced it and how, what size carbs, yadda, yadda, yadda) it's impossible to put a value to an engine.  HP may not even be much more than stock, there's alot more to an engine than a list of parts.
As for the value of the car and what you'd pay for it, pay less attention to the engine and more to the car itself.  Any rust and where.  Body straight, any replacement panels, interior condition.  Mechanical condition, tranny condition/build level.  All of these are way more important for detemining value.  --Ryan
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Yes, I agree with Ryan...

Who made this engine and balanced the parts etc....
We all know there are many people who put together VW engines...
Many aren't even mechanics...
The engine sounds great but take Ryan's advice....

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