I just pulled my heater boxes of the my engine and was going to replace then but now looking at the tin's on them they don't look bad. Is there a way to tell if I need to replace them or not?


  This weekend I plan to remove the studs that hold them on so in the future my exhaust work won't take as long,


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Essentially is the metal work intact or are there holes rotted through?  Do the little door flaps still open and close freely or are they seized beyond redemption?  Can you look inside and determine that air can freely flow through or are they packed with road crud to the enth degree?  If they don't look bad I would assume that the metal integrity is still good.  Free up those stuck doors, use a creatively shaped piece of coat hanger wire to prod and poke the crud out and follow up with a healthy blast of compressed air.  Voila - you have saved yourself some $$ because those little devils are pretty pricey.  Pricey to the point where MY72BUG received a $19 set of J-pipes instead of heater boxes ; but then again it is a fairweather car and a heater was not an essential for my type of driving.  Dan (MY72BUG)  in Goderich, Ont.
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I was lucky enough to find  a new set of heater boxes someone had bought then found the exhaust system wouldn't fit them...
After looking at My heater boxes which are probably the original boxes
there isn't anything wrong with them...
apart from a few dents...
If the tappet covers leak then the heater boxes get covered in oil and don't rust..
I believe the outer part will rust thru before the inner exhaust [thicker] part.
and you will know when the inner pipe rusts thru as the engine will most probably backfire occasionly are sound like a put put at the leak..
I painted mine inside and out with heatproof paint...

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