I've always loved the look of old Beetles, but years ago I decided that I was never gonna find one that I could work with, but I recently totaled my car and got $6.5 for the car that I was driving before.  It was a 2005 Focus, and frankly I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did with how much I drove it around Arizona (to and from Flagstaff and Phoenix and Yuma, lots of high-to-low and back driving).

And I was wondering if a 1973 VW Super Beetle would be a *relatively* sensible thing to purchase.

The thought didn't even cross my mind until I happened across a gorgeous-looking yellow beetle sitting in a for-sale by owner lot near where I live.  And I feel in love with it immediately, and since then I've been spending hours researching as much as possible about them so I can be prepared for maintenance, as well as to know what to watch out for with this one.

It was dark when I looked at it, but I got a few pictures (mainly because I was excited and it was so beautiful).  The interior looks very nice, it has an upgraded stereo system from what I could see, and I couldn't see any obvious signs of deterioration or rust.  I've already done some pretty heavy research on what to look for when it comes to buying one, but I was wondering if there was anything specific/new I should watch out for.

As far as the one I saw, the owner is selling it for $5.4k, which seems like it might be a bit high.  Either that, or the engine/general condition of the car is fabulous.

My questions are as follows:

1. What should I look for when I call to check out the car?  I'm already going to try and test drive it and take it onto the freeway if possible.  I'd like to be able to go out of town in it because I travel quite a bit from Yuma to Phoenix and San Diego.

2.  What should I expect to get with that price?  And are there any immediate costs I should prepare myself for?  And what would I need to do after I bought it?  Any important maintenance I should perform or check?

Here are some of the photos I took of the car tonight when I saw it:

[tumblr_n1szgoU1QI1r6rdclo2_250]  [tumblr_n1szgoU1QI1r6rdclo4_500] 
[tumblr_n1szgoU1QI1r6rdclo1_500]  [tumblr_n1szgoU1QI1r6rdclo3_250] 
But like, man.  On the real, I want this car so much, to the point of being impractical.  I haven't connected with any car nearly as much as I did with this one on my search for the past couple of weeks, and I'm just praying so hard that it runs well and has been well maintained (it sure looked like it from what little knowledge I had up to that point).  And I'm also hoping to get the price down a bit to leave room for repairs or stocking up on spare parts and tools to make sure I keep up with maintenance properly.

Please tell me this is worth all the excitement that I've been feeling.
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Also, I haven't gotten any information on the engine yet.  So I was wondering what would be a decent engine to have in a car that I would be using for mostly driving around Yuma (I don't HAVE to take the highway every day but it is the fastest way to get into town most of the time), the other ways in are 55 mph most of the way.  

What about mileage?  Is it a major concern?  
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The car looks solid but I would take a look for rust. The engines in these Beetles are very dependable but they don't have a high top should be good at 55. Do you have a VW Tech that could take a look at it before you buy?
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