My hood release lever in the glove box is not releasing the hood.  I tried giving the cable a good yank with some long needle nose pliers with no luck.  I know that there is an adjustment, but I can't get to it without the hood being up.  Any suggestions? (I am trying to avoid pulling the dash apart)

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One of the many great features about this site is the "SEARCH" engine.  Just click on it and type in "Hood Release." You'll find this problem has been discussed and has come up before.

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You can't get access to the trunk by removing the dash, so don't waste your time, all you'll find is metal!!!

If you can't open the hood you will have to cut the hood handle do a search explaining how to do this.

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If the cable is still attached to the hood release lock, You need to hold the outer end of the cable...

I think its white plastic [from memory]

Hold the outer end, then at the same time You should be able to use the lever, or pliers to pull on the cable...

The outer part of the cable has to be held... a unique VW trick.... lol..


Best of Luck


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