Well I bought a GEX motor which is supposed to be a very good company to buy a motor from, but instead ended being a headache. After ordering the long-block with hydrolic lifters I was having problems with oil pressure and ended up having to send the motor back 3 times to GEX. After all was said and done and the thing was running correctly, GEX did pay for all shipping and for the mechanics extra work.
1972 1302S
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1973 Squareback (1776cc, dual 40mm)
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I want to install a high performance stroker engine
in my 79 rag top. I have looked at Bernie Bergman turnkey
engines and see that it will cost me about 6,000 dollars.
Is this the best way to go or should I buy a long block
and do it myself?

I just don't want any problems and the Bergman engines are balanced and dynoed. Any help on this?

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I'm only commenting on other's opinions. Take it for what it's worth. I've read a lot of negative feedback on Bernie Berman motors over the years on

Like I said though, I have no personal experience. Do a search in thesamba forums for Bernie Bergman and read other people's experiences.
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gex engines are very reliable. I had one in my 69 van. Gene Berg engines are really good, but they get really expensive. I bought my Gene Berg 2213cc for about 8 grand and it runs well. My dad drove the bug from New York to California which is a good 3000 miles.
73 super beetle
Gene Berg 2213cc
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