What's up, my fine 'dubbing friends?  This is your friendly neighborhood cartoonist / VW fanatic, Daniel.


They say that you can't teach an old dog new tricks.  That just ain't so!  This "dog" is trying some new stuff in his up-coming cartoons, which you will get to see shortly in the next month's edition of this site and on http://www.allaircooled.com!  I've also changed my medium from colored pencil to colored ink so that my pictures are clearer, brighter and more visually appealing.


I've run out of silly gags, guys, for now.  Instead, I thought I'd do everything from cool Vee Dub slogan 'toons to Volkswagen-inspired comic send-ups of old movie posters / classic art / television shows.  I hope that you like them!


I want to stress how willing I am to take requests too, my friends.  If you have a funny, interesting or just bizarre VW story to tell that you think would make a great one-panel cartoon / drawing, do not hesitate to private message me or to email me via this site or also through "All Air Cooled".


Thank you all for the camaraderie and for being a part of my VW family here on line!  Thank you, as well, for any and all of the nice comments about my cartoons, advice on how to keep Gunter alive, etc.


Most sincerely,


Daniel Mosher
Resident Cartoonist

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We'll be posting some of Daniels new art work September 1st so look for it at both of our sites. Use the link at the bottom of each page to let Danny-boy know what you think!

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