Carlsbad, New Mexico: The upcoming release of Walt Disney Pictures' new comedy, "HERBIE: Fully Loaded", will have an Exclusive screening for Herbie fans and VW Beetle owners at the Fiesta Drive-In Theater in Carlsbad, New Mexico, in conjunction with the Roswell 2K New Beetle Car Show!


Herbie invites all his Beetle friends and their owners to join him for this WORLD CLASS PARTY with Complimentary Admission, Food and Commemorative T-shirts.  It's guaranteed to be an extraordinary moment in film history.


Disney created a historic image when the first Herbie movie was released in 1969 depicting a large crowd of classic Beetles watching the movie at a drive-in. This gathering will create an updated version to celebrate the release of the latest Herbie adventure. Come be a part of this historic event!


Check http://www.roswell2k.org for more information on this event!  Admission will be limited to the first 200 vehicles.



Start your engines!  Herbie, the most beloved car star of them all, is back and red-hot movie star Lindsay Lohan’s got him in Disney’s all new revved-up comedy adventure, HERBIE: FULLY LOADED.  Lohan stars as Maggie Peyton, the new owner of Number 53 – the freewheelin’ car with a mind of its own – who puts the car through its paces on the road to becoming a NASCAR competitor. 

Herbie’s got some new tricks under his hood as he takes audiences for an action-packed spin in this high-speed comedy.   With an all-star cast along for a wild ride, this comedy puts Herbie to the test – on-road, off-road, on the track and into the record books.  

The film also stars Justin Long, Breckin Meyer with Matt Dillon and Michael Keaton.


Walt Disney Pictures’ HERBIE: FULLY LOADED opens nationwide on Wednesday, June 22. The film is rated “G.”


Carlsbad Event Information:

Date: June 19th, 2005

Where: Fiesta Drive-In, Carlsbad, NM


Time: We will be setting up for the photo shoots at 7:00 pm.

What: Special Viewing for Beetles and their owners

Who: All Beetles, NEW AND CLASSIC and their owners

Contact: David Allen -   alien@roswell2k.org       (817) 371-9167 cell

Wayne Dean
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That would be sweet if it weren't so far away.  Kicking back at the drive-in in the vert...
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I went to the VW classic last weekend and there was a Herbie booth giving away buy 2 get one free coupons for the little radio controlled Herbie from Radio shack. I picked up mine the other day and chased my cats around the kitchen 'till they remembered that's cats like bugs and started chasing back. those little things are super cool!!! They've been handing out premiere tickets to the show but you have to have kids for them and I have none and haven't been able to borrow any. Oh well I guess we've all got problems huh???

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