gday all i am new to vw's and i was hoping for some help on what parts to buy for my engine.  i was hoping for a far bit of grunt aswell.  any help would be greatly appreciated
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really all depends on what your looking for... Are you wanting an all out street machine? A pretty nice but pretty reliable street machine.. A drag racer?.. 800luvbug.com sells scat kits from 1776 to the biggest of the bad 2300's You can also acquire kits at http://www.thesamba.com http://www.thesamba.com/vw/classifieds/detail.php?id=530313 Or you can get them prebuilt all over thesamba.com.. Aircooled.net sells kits and parts and so does cbperformance.com Although I didn't get this on my engine(though i wanted it) A counterweighted crank with 8 dowels is basically a standard now.. If you want beefy but very reliable a 1776 can be had by increasing piston size OR getting a 78mm stroke crank. Remember though machining is everything.. One thing you can start out with on your stock engine(if it is stock) is getting dual carbs. The standard 1600 vw engine is undercarbed but not by a whole lot.. You will also need to change out the exhaust to a header operation.. This will increase flow by around 10% If you want to keep going with upgrades... Next is a port/head job.. or just get new heads that have that done to them.. Aircooled.net sells very nice ones and it gives you a BIG increase in power.. YOU MUST HAVE AN 8 DOWEL CRANK PERFERABLLY COUNTERWEIGHTED!! if your going to get that much hp going though.. If you don't you will shear off all the dowel pins when you really put your foot into it or worse.. Also insure all your tin is intact and working properly.. The cooling on the engine is 1 of 2 main life bloods and the other is keeping your oil changed regularly..

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Like Jerky said, you need to decide what use you're going to be putting your engine to before you start building. aircooled.net has a very good article that covers the basics of building high performance engines from a broad overview. Gives you ideas on what to think about when building.


As for "what" to put in it,  do some homework and choose parts that will not only work well together, but are from trustworthy vendors. There's a LOT of poorly made VW junk on the market, and you definitely get what you pay for. I don't mean you always have to buy the most expensive choice, but buy from the most reputable companies and be prepared to pay a little more for that.

In the "A bit of grunt" category,  you can pep up a stock engine with some straightforward mods. Things like dual carbs, electronic ignition, performance heads, a new cam, ratio rockers, and a performance exhaust will all make even a lowly 1500 roar mightily. These are all bolt-on modifications (though you have to completely disassemble the motor to do a cam). You can even punch it out to 1641 cc's without having do do any machine work, and again this is a bolt and swap change. All these modifications will decrease the longevity of your engine somewhat, one of the tradeoffs in the "stock vs performance" war. Generally, the wilder you go, the shorter the lifespan of the engine will be. There are always exceptions to this, and the stronger you build your engine, the longer it will last.

I'm sure everyone will have some useful suggestions for ya once you flesh your idea out a bit more.

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ok  cool. thanks for the help

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