ok, so im installing an alarm on my 74' super, and i got it goin, but im stuck at the starter kill relay.. i need to conect two red wires to the starter wire so it says, but i cant figure out which of the cables it is?
can you guys help me out?

also, for the lights to flash, which wires would these be?

thanks guy.. that starter wire has been putting my
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its a bit difficult as all alarms are made differently
and can have different color wires etc..
but to kill the starter...
You would need to pull the red wire off the starter motor
connect it to one of Your wires and the other wire connects to the starter..
thats the only way I can see it working..

the power to the starter motor solenoid then goes thru Your alarm system..
I tried 3 different alarms on My beetle before I got one to work  correctly..

best of luck
PS : I haven't ever used the kill switch function on any beetle...

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well, i figured it out.. my starter wire was the white and red one.. so everything works now.. flashing lights, starter kill, and alarm overall..
thanks for your reply..
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