I generally think that I know how to tackle this job, but would like someone else's input. I need to replace both heater cable in my 71 Super and would appreciate any input from someone who has tackled the job. Thanks.
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Here's the only reference that I could find with regards to replacing the heater cables. I've had the vents in the heater channels out to check things out and adjust the cables so that both vents close at the same time. The whole thing looks pretty easy to figure out.

Heat Vents


The heat vents in Rob's '70 Bug are further forward than in Dave's '73 SB car -- down near the floor just to the rear of the pedal cluster. In Dave's case it's his left ankle that gets fried; it's Rob's right foot that gets cooked! :-) No complaints! As long as it's warm and clean.

The original vents in Dave's car were equipped with adjustable metal flaps. As with many other things, the flaps were missing, and replacement parts are almost impossible to find (Dave finally obtained used flaps through the VW dealer, of all places!). The heater vent flaps are controlled by a cable (also missing in Dave's car) that runs from a lever between the seats around just to the rear of the pedal cluster to the vent. Dave replaced the cable with a choke cable (stiff wire inside of a metal coil). It only works so-so, Dave reported; he would prefer a manual flap system like Rob's.

In Rob's car the heat vent flap system is manual. The whole fitting is plastic and has two screws through the carpet holding it in the heater channel. In his ‘68 Bug the vents are cut straight from the heater channel side and bent into the channel, so they angle the air out. The closure flap is just a metal slide over the vents.

In really cold weather Rob can shut everything down except the windscreen and the side foot vent, for best heating where it is needed.

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Just a note to let everyone know that if your cable tubes are in good shape, the replacement of the heater cables is a snap. I did however have some problems with the parts I purchased from one of the internet suppliers. The cables ends did not fit into the hole on the clamping sleeve bolt at the heat exchange lever. I ended up going to a local VW parts supplier and buying clamping sleeves with a large hole. It is rather upsetting to buy parts from one supplier and then find out that they are not coordinated. Check your stuff out before you get under the car and save yourself some time before you start. For the life of me, I cannot figure out what these clamping sleeve are for because the hole is so small.
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The clamping sleeves [always wondered what they were called??] are probably from a carburettor for the choke cable, as I have a WEBER carburettor on My 1600 engine with a manual choke and the choke cable is very small..

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So I read through this thread and am still wondering how to replace the cable that switches heat from the floor to the defrost. 

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