I have a 1971 super convertible. I can't seem to get the headlights to work. I have replaced the switch, and fuses. I also have looked over all the wiring. nothing looks out of place and looks good. What am I missing??? I do have to say I am new to VW's but not new to the game.


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  Hey, sounds like we are having a similar problem.  I just finally got mine to work well but, I have no idea what I did.  The only thing I could figure was the wiring to the fuse block is corroded, so I tried to clean the contacts and they work now.  I least that is what I think may have fixed it, even though the contacts looked fine.  I suppose you could try brushing the contacts and making sure the connectors are tight.  Good luck!
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The key switch must be on, first.    Check your dimmer relay make sure no connecters have dropped out of the block   Make sure you have power up to it. . you may also want to try a new relay .  I also agree  with making sure the fuse holders are bent closer to hold the fuses tight.
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