Hello fellow Canucks!

Todd here from Mississauga Ontario. 

I'm in a dilemma, I'm trying to register my '73 Super and the MOT is telling me that because the car is over 20 years old they don't have it listed in their Red Book for a value, so they have nothing to reference my bill of sale against, so they are telling me I have to have it appraised. 

The car is a shell on 4 wheels right now, no fenders, glass, wiring or interior, even the engine is out. 

They will accept either a registered MOT vehicle appraiser or a New/Used car dealer to sign off the appraisal form. 

Is there anyone around that can help me out so I can get the car in my name (unplated and Unfit) so I can continue my restoration? 

Please & Thanks! 


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