I need tires for my '74 Super . . . while I intend to drive it often, I'm not looking to put some high end tires on it... just basic, decent rubber in the original size (on the original rims). Driving will be city streets and some freeway (up to 60-65 mph).

I've checked various places . . . Tire Rack, Coker, etc. they have various brands...some decent, others unknown. Also, Coker charges a large cost for delivery

Today I went to my neighborhood Sears. They can order me some "Guardsman III TE" tires. They told me the ties were manufactured by Cooper Tire. The tire is a radial and rated for 35,000 miles. It might take a couple weeks to get them, but the price seems reasonable, $24.95, and there's no shipping.

Anybody have any experience with these?
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 I run Cooper tires on my car which was a daily driver for many years I never had any problems with them the tire I ran was a sportmaster GLT 165 sr 15 probably the same tire. I had a 20  mile one way  commute at interstate speed 70- 75 mph.
'71 super now collecting parts for restoration
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if my memory is correct , the sears guardsman is a tire that is made by michelin for sears.  i ran guardsman years ago and had great luck. if it is made by michelin it is a good tire.


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