Gravel Guards.jpg's the scoop.  Yes, I posted here about the crappy gravel guards I ordered from this outfit in Japan.  It took forever and a day for them to get here.  I complained about the poor quality and started the return process.  I only ordered one set and they sent two.  I won't go over my objections to the product as I went into that in the earlier post. To make a long story short.  They refunded my money via Paypal. Told me to keep the product.  In return I agreed to stop the Ebay return process and give them a favorable review.  So, since I had them I figured I'd go ahead and install them.  I did not want to drill 16 holes for the bolts to attach through the body.  What I did was use my Dremel and cut the chrome heads off the bolts and then Super Glued them over holes on the chrome guards.  To attach them I purchased ultra strong exterior 35 pound grip Gorilla double backed tape.  Shaped them to fit and securely placed them.  I stand by my original complaints.  The edges are not beveled. 

Retired and enjoying doing squat.
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I’ve never seen those before and they look pretty good. Great idea not drilling your Beetle and the bolt heads are the finishing touch!
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I like them. It adds character to your bug.
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