MY72BUG - purchased June 1999, restored June 1999 to June 2003, sold June 2010.  I contemplated this long and thoroughly and pulled the plug on my Beetle ownership yesterday.  I am on the cusp of retirement and had to re-evaluate my ownership of a vehicle which although a joy to own just didn't cover all of my potential plans now that I am going to be free to do some serious traveling.  The better half had made it clear that long distance trips were never going to be in the cards if it meant taking the Beetle.  Downtown for an ice-cream or a trip to a car show were one thing but heading out to Newfoundland or California was out.  At the first local car show of the year I put a sign on her and the first one to view the sign concluded a deal very close to my price within 48 hours of seeing the car.  The buyer is a major car nut owning seven other vehicles all drool-worthy.  I will stay around the website and offer my opinions and the knowledge gained from my years of ownership but another purchase of one?  I don't think I could do it again especially if something else comes along which occupies the Beetle's spot in the driveway.  My pain of parting was real but face it, it was self inflicted.   Dan (was MY72BUG) in Goderich, Ontario, Canada. 
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So sorry to hear that Dan, I could tell by your posts that you cared very much for YOUR72BUG and I have no doubt you'll think about it often. Take heart though in knowing you found it an excellent home where it'll be well cared for.

Another bug? I wouldn't be at all surprised if you end up with another one. I've been in and out of the hobby for many years myself, starting in the 70's, and everytime I say no more, I run across another poor little lost sould that needs a home and it starts all over again! Once you're bitten, it's there to stay!

Glad to hear you'll be hanging around the forums as well. I enjoy your posts and your knowledge and wisdom would be missed. Enjoy your upcoming retirement, as well as your traveling. It was well earned!
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Sorry to hear that Dan, I have always liked your posts and could tell you had and took great pride in your Bug. I know how the wife thing is though as mine is always telling me that I should move in to the 21 century. I did tell her though that they tow really nice behind a motor home and it's much better than trying to drive one of those behemoths around after you get to where you are going.... She didn't buy that either.
Good luck on your future trips but don't be a stranger here on the forums as it's always good to hear from you... Also if you ever do make it up this way on your travels let me know, cause if it's the right time of year I can promise a fishing trip on the Kenai river.
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Yes, Dan
also sorry to hear that You are no longer a VW owner...
but still an enthusiast ....

My Wife would rather drive Our other Newer car with all modern features.. lol
no power steering in the beetle..
but I still love to drive it..
as I'm changing parts etc all the time...
so, it is actually a differrent car , and is getting better and better...

I love it... so smooth now to drive...

I hope You can find another beetle to help in Your retirement...



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MY72BUG threw one last curve at me today.  The new owner contacted me and told me that the driver's footwell was absolutely awash in water and how long had I experienced a body leak in this area?  Leak ?! NO WAY.  This car had had major body surgery and everything was done up just so.  Then I thought and the AHA moment came along just in time.  I had reconnected the windshield washers for the safety check.  With the system repressurized for the first time in a dog's age, it followed that somewhere was a micro leak and the pressure in the spare had pumped the entire reservoir into the driver's footwell.  I told the owner to taste it.  Sweet - definitely windshield wiper anti-freeze.  We both had a good laugh.  As the car had breezed through its safety check that morning the new owner disconnected the line from the spare.  I told him about the old trick of putting in an electric pump and he is likely going to do that.  Live and learn - still.   Dan in Goderich
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Greeting from a Newboob!
I'm retired now and have the time to rebuild my 1971 Super!
So I'll start with digging thru old posts to get the basics.
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