I'm trying to find a decent deal on new carpet, headliner, the panels, and maybe new upholstery for the seats. I'm sure some of you have preference and such and it would be better to ask first before scouring magazine's and catalogs.
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I'm sure any web seller will be the same but I've been very happy with the prices and service at California Imports.  Of course, I can pick-up parts from them, maybe shipping changes that.  I haven't noticed a lot of price difference between the online vendors.

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Check out California Pacific/J Bugs


The whole interior: seat upholstery, headliner, doorpanels, and carpet for around $360.

That also includes their well known interior restoration video as well as the hog rings for the seats and glue for the headliner.

The package is a TMI product too. Not bad for the money.

It comes in a few different color selections too. If you send for their catalog it has everything detailed in it. You can also upgrade certain parts of the package to your liking. Nice product for the money.



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