hi my husband has just finished restoring a 73 super for our daughter but there are a few things not quite right the gear stick just keeps turning is this right or should it be solid and not turn its a bit anoying when you change gears and it turns also the speedo when driving jumps from say 20 to 60 ks and you cant tell what speed you are doing can anyone help with these problems. other than that it has turned out really well its had a hot pink respray with pink and white interior and almost everything has been replaced the hardest part was tracking down parts as we are in australia and parts are not that readily available

                                 thanks janelle

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The gearshift will turn and that is not a problem. What you can do is to remove the two bolts and the plate that holds it is place. Put a bit more grease in and make sure that everything is tight. That should stop, or at least slow the spinning.


It sounds like you have a problem with either the speedo or the speedo cable. Both parts can be bought from http://www2.cip1.com/?Click=30260 for a reasonable price ($159.00 for a new German speedo and $10.95 for the cable). I checked and they will ship to Aussie for you. Use our code "SBC" at the checkout for a discount.


Good luck and post some pictures when it's all done!

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AS Waynes said You have a problem with the speedo cable... when the cable strands start to break one by one the speedo starts playing up..

A New Cable [inexpensive] should fix the problem....

A replacement gearlever knob should fix the other problem or You could glue the current gearshift knob onto the lever....

When the car was New, the gearlever didn't move round ....


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