Just got this put up yesterday if your coming its a good deal:


We are going to be doing discounted Spectator tickets for the last two shows, if you would like to purchase advance tickets for spectators they will be $12 dollars for adults, these will be on sale 8/16/05 and running until Sat 8/20/2005 via website there will be info on this posted later tonight! Also if you pre-register your car for the car show you will receive a $5.00 off spectator fee so total to show instead of the $30.00 day of show fee it will cost you $20.00. Please contact me for additional discounts more vehicle's etc... Also for the racers we will be offering a $5.00 off Spectator Entrance fee if you pre-register. This will be posted later tonight as well. If your a member please contact me via additional discounts will apply! Michigan


Anyway see ya there.

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