I'm in need of complete front hood hinge assemblies for my '79 Beetle convert.  Is there somewhere that I can go to get these, or does someone here part out beetles that I can get'em from ??  I noticed that when I found an item or two, they were for '78 and older.  Is there a difference for the '79's ??  What is it ??

        Please help.   Thanks !!!!!
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Mid America Motorworks lists the hinges as the same for Super Beetle 73-79, $99.95 each.


Right #379-710
Left #379-711
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Why do they need replacing?
it seems strange to Me...
I've never heard of anyone over here replacing them...
My Son has stacks of old ones... nothing wrong with them...
As they don't wear out... No one will want them either...
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Is it a Standard or Super? Everything I see says all hinges are the same until you get into the Supers. If you've got a Standard I've got a set for you in great shape with the bolts and washers.
PM me if I can help.
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