I recently picked up a 72 super with sunroof for super cheap. it,s not all that bad for the price. I could possibly get away with replacing 1/4 pans under battery and under the pedals, but  I have decided to go ahead and replace both 1/2 floor pans on both sides. heater channels on passenger side is perfect and the drivers side shows a little rust. every thing else is pretty much solid.  I have a couple of questions after searching here and on the samba.
I have read and believe that you get what you pay for, but I'm confused as to is it really worth the cash. I Look at bfy obsolete and wolfsburg and they offer the super heavy duty pans(.035 thick),at 140 each and bfy has a heavy duty floor pans for 70. then I go to Oeveedub and they offer danish parts that are supposed to be the closest thing to Original. but it looks like they are 1/4 pans and that would run 100 per side with jack points and much more work welding.  I have a 1700 out of a bus with the 091 trany and plan to put both into this fat chick. What is the best choice in regards to floor pans. I have less than 700 invested now. This is not a show car It will be a grocery getter and weekend fun!  should I just get basic pans or are the thicker ones worth the twice the money!

thanks Hondo

super heavy duty


heavy duty

danish parts

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I've been putting in a set on a 66 for a buddy and they came from a local shop. They are the heavy duty style, but not sure where they ordered them from. I've used both styles and would recommend doing it right the first time. The ones on the 66 fit like a glove and needed no trimming or anything. They had the jackpoint and everything. Real nice.
As far as the engine and tranny, that shouldn't come into play. Except for one thing. Did you change the cooling to upright on the 1700cc? I don't think you can just slap a type 4 engine into a type 1 without some hacking of fender wells and apron. It'll be a nice upgrade in a Bug though, especially mated to the 091. That's a strong combo.

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