Hi all and thanks in anticipation of your responses!

I have been hovering in the background for weeks trying to preen info from you guys as i have an avid facination of VDubs!

Well i have been without my pecious 69 now for 7 years and have finally scrimped enough to just buy a 73 1303 SB in good nick bodywise (couple of small rust patches - will wait till dry weather to sort out!).

We were in desperate need of a new car and the wife insisted i got one by this weekend or she would get herself something as she cant stand not having a car - well opportunity knocks and all that so i (maybe stupidly) bid last minute on the 1303 SB on ebay and collected the darn thing today and it was not quite as described!

Not that much work really neaded to the outside but the interior looks as though a gorilla has had a dump and a hissy fit in it! - I do love a project though!

Well anyhooos, ten miles on the way back the wippers failed (heavy rain!) so pulled over and got them sorted (loose wire) and had to keep putting arm out the window (which dropped off the runners) coz the darn wipper on the drivers side kept trying to do a full 360! (luckily the guy gave me a new set -wonder why!)

Now the next problem is the flasher turns out to be fried and i have no signals!(bit corroded due to dampness!) granted i hardly ever use them anyway except at roundabouts and thats why i never noticed at the time of collection, so i manage to find a halford and duly hand over a tenner for what seemed an identical (albeit halfords make!) flasher unit - but here is the crux of it! It dont work!

Therefore my question to you great all knowing guys and gals out there/in here is the unit i got not appropriate or is there somthing untoward?

All the numbers were the same (i.e 49/31 and something else) with the same 4 times ?watts.

Its just on my old beetle i could shove any old three pinned flasher relay in and it would work! Are the SB any different?

yours in anticipation as i need to resolve this by end of play tommorow for work monday!

Oh apart from this and some cosmetic issues she runs like a dream! (slight rattle of something by the gear stick) and hit 60 easily on a straight run!

whilst were at it if you dont mind another question! my old beetle seemed alot faster and the only mod was a chrome (possibly k and r) air filter - would this add a little to the performance?


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Well it turns out to be the relay was blown and now i find the wires were not even attached to the hazard switch!

to top it all the hazard switch is fecked an all! so now trying to source a new switch! so cars off the road wasting mot and tax till i get it sorted!
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hi Levi
Sorry about the bum deal from ebay. I get some stuff there but am always worried about whether I'll get ripped or not.
I have a 71 Super, which I got last summer for 2 hundred dollars. Needless to say, there wasn't much of a car there but it's coming along and I've actually got it on the road, insured and tagged. Still a lot to do. Plus I'm really new to the Bug world.
Your description of the wiring sounds kinda like mine. Takes time to sort through it all.
Glad you are on board on the forum.
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Welcome to the forum Levi. It seems a lot of e-bay deals are never as they're described. My 73 came from there a few owners ago and I'm still sorting it all out. Keep at it and you'll have a nice car when your through!

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Yeah she will come on fine in due course! im just gutted i cant drive her yet untill i get the indicators working!

I just cant figure of a way to get the indicators to work without a hazard switch - there has to be a way! just need to give my brain a good kickstart!

My try smashing the bonnet on my head a few times!
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Oh here's an update!
well it turns out not to be the fault of the relay! the get who sold it to me lied!

the hazard switch was not connected and to top it off it too is fecked! having a job to find a new one so need advice on a way to wire up the indicators without the hazard switch untill a replacement can be had!

im a little confused at the moment as the wires from the relay are a white from no 49 on the relay, a brown from no 31 which goes to the speedo (ground), and a blue that just dangles there from 49a. A little blue red from the no 49a also goes to the speedo light.

Out of the ignition is a black/white and a black/red which i am assuming is for the indicators and a thicker black and white with green rings.

Now the haynes manual says the blue from 49a on the relay is supposed to connect to a cable connector and split for a wire to go to the ignition and the other to go up to the 49a on the hazard switch - but my blue wire from the relay goes nowhere and i cant see how it attaches to the ignition!

That is of course unless im supposed to attach the blue to the black/white/green and piggyback off this to give me the other wire that is meant to go to the 49a on the hazard switch?

oh and then i have a thick red from fuse 8 and a small green from fuse 12

I can see why auto electricians charge soo much!

But to keep the money going to them and into a peice of history can any of you fellow airheads point me in the right direction??

Here's hoping,


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I got Alvin from ebay too. I did not have a horrible experience, but lets just say there is not wiring diagram for the jarbbled mess that is my wiring.
"Arizona dreamin'"
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Well i got him sorted and back on the road!

took about an hour in the end! just had to rewire the front right indicator due to the fool of a PO that had welded too close to the wires and stripped the insulation!

Now onto the next problems!
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