When I had mine painted I removed all the old beading lights etc. There's only 9 bolts holding the fenders in place. You just loosen them enough to pull the fenders slightly. I think the cars that have the beading sprayed with paint look tacky and if you do need to remove a fender later for repair you're SOL! I have chrome fender beading sitting in a box in the garage, just haven't gotten the gumption to fiddle with putting it on. It will look great when I do though.
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I have to replace the beading between my fenders and body.

1. Is this normally painted to match the body and if so is it painted before or after assembling the fenders? The ones I have removed look like they were painted on the body but that doesn't seem right because this causes them to stick to the body and the fender.

2. If they are painted will auto body paint adhere to the plastic or should it be prepared in some fashion to hold the paint (i.e. primed with something)?

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It is possible to purchase colored beading, but they usually only come in primary colors (i.e. red, green, blue, yellow and so on and so forth). Just something you might want to look into. I don't know much about and have never heard of anyone painting their beading.
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I have a red 78 convert with decent paint and black beading. I think it accents the car nicely to have the black seams. I put on black aluminum running boards which brings it out nicely. My color scheme is black on red with as little chrome as possible. It really comes down to taste. I would not recommend painting over the beading for the reasons listed above. It also is usually the sign of a cheap or poorly preped paint job.

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I prefer the beading left black, as well. Sets off the lines of the body nicely and accentuates the curves of the fenders! There is no color, stock VW or custom, that doesn't look well with the beading left black. I've bought some from MAM that I will be putting on "Gunter" in the Summer! Will nicely accentuate the car's red-orange paint.
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Hey Bernard- welcome back!  Seems like awhile since you last posted.  Missed you- how's CA?  We are freezing here in the Midwest... just wastin' away till good driving weather again! I agree with the idea that black beading is hard to beat on any color bug.  I went to the classic car auctions at Auburn, IN last summer and really was appalled at the number of bugs and Supers for sale that had beautiful paint jobs spoiled by painting over the beading and other body rubber.  It really looks shoddy.  And, as mentioned, it is easy to loosen the fender bolts, remove the old beading and put new on.  My vote?  Stick to the black!
John Scribner
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paint the fender beading???

hell... why don't you paint the tires while you're at it?
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LOL! When I first started getting into VW's, I was told by an old German man that painting over the beading was a Cardinal sin.

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I think painted tires are quite becoming on a beetle esspecially in a nice flourecant paint.... very fancy Rofl

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i find a thin mist of black spray paint on the glass gives a nice tinted window effect.......
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Black beading looks good on all beetles....
White is OK on white beetles....
I have seen off black [not shiny] fender beading... and all I can think of,
is its flat [not glossy] so it can be painted....??
I agree with Wayne on the painting of beading...

The cars with the beading painted is usually a cheap paint job in which the fenders etc have not been removed...
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