Hey Forum Members and Visitors,
I'm down to my last feature at the site and I really need your help to keep this going. Featuring your Beetle is easy, all I need is your VWs story, a few photos and the owner of every feature will get a FREE gift from Ultra VW!
To feature your Bug send five or six great photos including front, rear, interior, engine and some 3/4 shots. Put together it's story along with how you got into VWs, the restoration process, things you plan to do, etc and send that off to me. The more you write the more pictures I can insert into the article. To get an idea of what I am looking for check out http://www.superbeetles.com/spotlights/spotlight.htm.
Please send the story in a Word document (or just type it in an email) and the pictures should be 500x375px or greater in size. Once I get all that I'll put your Beetle on display for the world to see! Send to wayne@superbeetles.com and thanks!
Wayne Dean
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