Manual engine crank handle?

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Wow.  Who knew?
Daniel Mosher
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As there are less then 10 VW type 181 -182 in Australia
I can't say I have seen the crank part on their engine...
I believe all early model beetles had a fitting on the crankshaft pulley
where a crankhandle could be fitted..
and hand crank the engine...
I have seen boxes of these at Swap Meets...
they are actually a crankshaft pulley nut with the crank
attachment on the end...
a cast piece?
The Australia made country buggy also came with these crank nuts..
I've never seen a VW crank handle though...
back in the early 50s mist cars came with a crank handle...
I'll see if I can find any pics..
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 I think someone's pulling our rickshaw on this one. Out here in Arizona I've seen a VW Bus around with a big wind-up key sticking out the back that goes around as the Bus moves.  It's quite a hoot!

Loren R. Knapp
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They weren't available on the Things that came to the US. Though they did have the hole in the bumper for it. I believe it was only stock on the Euro models.

^^^^^^This is what the crank nut looks like. The early buses had a hand crank as well. The rod went through a hole in the bumper and then a hole in the tin. I think there was even a flap on the tin to keep the hot air from entering the engine bay when the engine was running.
Strictly second hand info I've picked up from a few Thing aficionados along the way.


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