I am in the process of restoring and customizing a 71 Super and the first thing I would like to tackle is the engine. (previous re builder did a poor job and I blew a quarter size hole in the case)
I am wondering if it is would be better (cheaper and helpful in learning about air cooled engines) for me do an engine build myself or If I should just bite the bullet and save up for a turnkey.
I am thinking that I would like to do a stroker with 90.5 bore.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
71 Super (Fred Flintstone style....need a engine)
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IMHO it would be cheaper to build the engine yourself. Shop around to get the best deal on what you'll need and you'll save all the labor by doing it yourself. Make sure you get the proper instructions so you do it right the first time. When you're done you'll have the satisfaction of saying you did it yourself and you'll know that it's been done right.

On the other hand you don't get a warranty when you do it yourself and it's a lot quicker to just order one. Then you won't waste whats left of this fine cruising weather up to your elbows in grease.

I know this post didn't help at all...
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What I did was dismantle the engine, had the case align bored, then had a VW mechanic overhaul the engine... I bought all the parts needed... wasn't too expensive... compared to the Big VW engine builders... I saved thousands...

Lee --
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Price is a touchy subject. While I do save a bundle by building my own engines (shops gets to do my machine work though), I spent more than most people would expect for a little 1915. It all depends on what you want the engine to achieve. The thing is, I didn't skimp anywhere, and my engine thanks me every time I stomp the pedal. --Ryan
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as said before, it all comes down to the phrase "speed cost money, how fast do you want to go?" taking on a engine build is difficult specially if you really haven't done it before. but if you want to save money but sill want to assemble, get a short block. all the internals are already there and set up the way they should be. all you have to do is assemble the pist/cyl heads and every thing else on the top end. its a little half and half . but it all comes down to how confident you feel and how much money you want to spend.
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