I have a 1973 super beetle and the engine is not a 73 but from some earlier year but the engine tag has been removed and I have no way of knowing what year it is from to order parts.  Can anyone help?



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The engine Type and # should be stamped right below where your alternator stand bolts on. It should be facing you as you look at the engine(don't confuse it with the # on the alternator stand itself) if there is evidence of a tag having been there then the # was filed off and you probably have a refurbished engine. If it is a dual port you most likely have a 1600cc based engine all though the displacement may be higher. If it is a single port it could be 1600cc or lower. Look at the end castings of your intake manifold and you should be able to tell if there are 1 or 2 runners (tubes) this will tell if it is a dual or single port.

I'm sure some others will chime in and correct me if I'm wrong on anything.

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The numbers have been removed and there is an H stamped on the area at the begining.  I has single ports on each side If I had pictures of it would that help in IDing it?

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Are you sure it is not an AH? That's the typical number for 73-up Supers.

If it's just an H then I believe it's a 1500 from 67?-69. Not completely sure but I do believe that is correct.



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The engine is a single port, with a Solex H30/31 PICT carb, Vacuum/retard dist., is there any way to measure or something to get an idea of the engine size or model?  Because the car is idling at 1100 rpms and it will not idle lower then that (at the 5 ATDC) without dogging the engine.  Any help would be great!!!!



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