What do I have to do to get the center spring to stay and have tension on it?  Thanks Ralph

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Join the club...
I've never been able to fit an engine lid spring..
I have a few including a NEW chromed one....
none have been fitted....
I can't work out how they go in...
My Son had the same problem, He asked a local VW owner how they go in...
He fitted it in 30 seconds....
I guess i'll take my car to him
....  lol

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I took mine out when I was doing some work and took pictures of how it hangs before being pulled back up.  Hang it like this from the slot in the engine compartment and then with a big set of pliers you can curl it back to put the tension on and stretch it back to put the ends in the holes in the deck lid. 

Hope this pic helps.

'76 Super 'Vert
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