Hi, After having trouble finding a replacement  dash for my 74 Super i decided to put a 67 dash in,I have always liked the early dash look.. this is a early test fit, i will post more pics when it is done, some metal work we be done to fill in the space between the windshield and dash

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Welcome to the forum! Glad you are here.  Looks like you are going to have a unique little car when you get done. Looking forward to the updates.

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it may be the only 1303S with a flat steel dash in the world...
now thats rare....
big job by the look of it... too
but not impossible...
best of luck
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i do not like it.but if you do ok.

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Whether or not you like it ( I do), you have to appreciate the craftsmanship that is going into that car.  Congrats on doing something different.  I hope it turns out better that you expect!!

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I'm just happy you're enhancing the car and not chopping it up into a of my pet peeves!

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