Fairly new poster but I do read a bit here.  I have a '71 SB.  Did the valve adjustment last weekend, boy where they out.  As part of that, I tightened the fan belt.  Mainly cause it wouldn't turn the crank by hand.  Book said, too loose tighten it.  Got cute or lazy and used the air gun.  Nothing like Shop Air.

Now there seems to be a sort of knocking from the right side.  Not sure if it is a valve adjustment I did bad, need to check this weekend or something with the fan or gen pulley.  It is related to RPM in that when the engine turns faster, the sound is quicker.  Can you "over tighten" the pulley nut and harm something?  I don't think it is a valve but again not sure.

Any ideas?
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You probably goofed on the valve job.  If they were 'way' off when you checked them then it's likely that they were actually ok and you were 'off'.  Especially if it was quiet before and the noise immediately followed the adjustment.  --Ryan

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 Pop the covers and recheck the valve lash  Never under 6 thosouths make sure nothing came lose or got to tight .

its also possable to have fan knock  . Grab the fan with one hand and the alt pulley with the other and try to rotate them looking for  slosh  ( lose motion) its possable you jarred it lose.

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I can comment on that. If you have fan knock, take care of it BEFORE it becomes a problem. Something a little loose while sitting still becomes a problem at 3 or 4 thousand RPM's.
72 Super Beetle
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Thanks everyone.  I checked the fan against the pully, removed the belt and spun the fan pretty fast, no noise or any knocking.  Then I checked the right bank and they were way out.  Re-did the valve adjustment on the right side, a lot quieter now.


It seems to me that I just didn't get the adjustments right. 



Thanks for input.



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