no fire extinquisher, but savaged car w/gallon og water. I smelled no gas b4 I had driven 4 blocks from house when car quit & saw steam in the rear window. Am I correct to blame the carb for this?  Instead of the gas misting thru the manifold, it poured and ingnited from the spark in the distributor (used to have electronic ignition) cuz something, the needle, valve got stuck in carb to flood it. Hate to put it back together and have the same thing happen. DH cant see well anymore, but can talk up a storm, so Appreciate any help, as I am just learning how to work on the engine. thanks

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thats bad luck...

and Lucky the water was on hand...


You can replace the needle and seat from the solex carbies..

I think they are made from brass or copper..?

You can also get washers to adjust the needle and seat cut off level..

make sure the float is Ok too...

Just a fiddly job.. the pin the float pivots on was the only thing to look for... from memory... many years ago.


its amazing the needle and seat last so long with all the vibrations etc they receive...




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