I'm entering "The Blues" the the Chirco VW Bugtoberfest here in Tucson, Arizona on October 17th. Has anybody seen any websites that go over how to detail a bug for a show? I know the basic things that are common sense, but I'm sure there's some tricks of the trade. Which reminds me...I found the best window cleaner ever! It works on the chrome and the metallic paint job too. It's made by Armor All and simply called Auto Glass Cleaner. It smells great and doesn't streak and really shines. What is a good thing to use on whitewall tires that doesn't smear on the white walls and muck them all up?
Loren R. Knapp
In The Hot Sonoran Desert of Arizona - 73 Super Beetle "The Blues."
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I attend a lot of VW events and have shown my Super Beetle many times. Although most of this stuff is common sense, here's what I do.

-Wash the car from top to bottom using a wax/wash soap and then dry with a chamois.
-Spray the engine down (keeping the water away from the electrics)and dry it off.
-Wax the car in the shade and then use a Gloss Enhancer (such as 3M, see the Review section) to really bring out the shine.
-Clean all the windows inside and out. I spray the glass cleaner on, wipe with a cloth and finish with paper.
-I use the glass cleaner on my vinyl headliner while I'm inside.
-Vacuum the car and seats. I usually spray the seats with a light mist of (you guessed it) glass cleaner and wipe.
-I use a low-gloss protectorant on the interior. The shiny stuff makes everything look strange.
-I use No Touch tire cleaner on the rubber and finish the wheels with glass cleaner.

When I arrive at the show I re-do the windows and wipe the tires (including the tread) with Armor All that has been sprayed on a cloth.
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