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John Muir's book is like the Beetle Bible.

I'm actually getting replacement bolts just in case mine are really bad. They're cheap and I want to do it right.

What about the bumper though? Will that come off easily?

As for the paint job, the whole car needs one so I'll probably leave it as is until then.
1974 Standard Blueberry Beetle
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Hey Bluebeetle. John (aka nipper...) is dead on about cleaning up the bolt holes, etc. Takes a little more time and maybe a few more pennies at first, but well worth it ! You wont regret it in the long run...

Measure twice; Cut once....
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Thats pretty good advice John,
I found replacing the fender beading the hardest part.. I really tried to get it perfect, and now when I look, there are bulges here & there.. but I did take the fenders on & off a few times.. so that part is easy.. I was lucky enough to find 2 NOS rear fenders on ebay that had been bought back in the early 70s to put on His Super, He never did use them, and sold the car many years ago.. I now have these on My Beetle and the originals are spares..
The fender was creased badly, usually better to replace with a used one.. I also found a New 1302S engine lid to replace My unvented engine lid... another spare...

Just remember: If You have a spare part - You will probably NEVER need that spare part ... I have spares for most things...

NeverSeize is recommended to be used on spark plug threads in VW engines to stop the Steel spark plugs from getting jammed in the soft alloy of the engine..

Lee --
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Another small tip- when replacing the fender bolts, cover the handle of the ratchet with some rubber tubing to avoid those most annoying dings in your brand new paint job!! (Thanks to John Aller at All Air Cooled Plus, Tiffin, OH)
John Scribner
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