Utilizing the Bugster as a D.D. well into Nov., I "knew" that this could happen.

Doe (a deer a female deer) found Bugster's looks and tone "hot" and tried to mate with it at speed. First meeting didn't work out so well for either.

But like the story goes about when they took the first prototype on a run and hit a deer, I got back in and went on to work.....

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A deer and a Bug mating? I wonder what the offspring is going to look like?

Hey, at least you're okay my brother!


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So with the deer mating with a bug would the offspring be called

" Dugs or Beers "


You know it is deer season here and all this time I have been in the woods

going to get my ride out of storage and cruise the back roads ....!

What speed is best to attracts these critters......!


P.S. On the serious side nice to hear nobody was hurt..........

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i live near the shenadoa mountains in virginia , and the dear out here are everywhere,i have had two close calls this hunting season, i have come to the conclusion that the loud exhaust scares them out of the road, i think??? because when i top a hill or come around a corner they are scared and running hard. but when i'm driving my wifes quiet toyota rav 4, the dear always to seem to be in the road

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At least you're all right, and the Bug look reparable.  I had a close call, too, but not in my Beetle.  Deer was standing right by the side of the road as my sister and I were driving back to Bay City from the Central Michigan University campus in Mt. Pleasant.  It was pitch black out and the only "direct" route home is on M-20... a country highway with little lighting.  We were in my little Spirit, so we coulda been just about as screwed up as if we were in a Bug, I expect. 
Daniel Mosher
Resident Cartoonist
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Still driving the same route,  haven't seen nary a one, haven't put the "Bugster" up yet, for it hasn't "snowed" quite yet, enough for the O.D.O.T. to lay on the salt, once that happens, then it's up for the Winter, or til next rain clearing peroid, raining now on Christmas, almost like March  out there....

It has a Kadron Pipe, so I don't think loud exhaust helps, tho, this one literally came at me in a "jump" mode, no time but to hear the horrendous "smash"!

So still on my hunch that it was trying to mate with the cute stranger that sang to it every morning at the same time, had it's eye on for sometime....


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