I picked up 71 SB that was disassembled. Could someone show me the layout of the switches, headlight, wiper, etc? I can't seem to find a picture anywhere close enough to make out where they should be.
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Please refer to the attachment

3  - Winshield wipers and washer
4  - Knob for fresh air fan
5  - Brake warning light
6  - Light switch
11 - Switch for rear window defogger
14 - Control knob for auxiliary heater (optional)
15 - Fresh air control knobs
17 - Emergency flasher switch

Hope this will help you. Good luck with your project !

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Makes a bit difficult if someone else has taken it apart....

best of luck

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Thanks, thats just what I needed. It's been a real pain, the previous owner took everything apart to paint it. Nothing was labeled and there is a lot of little stuff missing. I've have never had a VW before so it's been interesting to say the least. The wiring has been the worst part though.
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