I was just wondering how many of you use your car as a daily driver. I am just about ready to get my car drive able and I am not sure if I am going to use it as a daily driver or not.

Thanks for your in put

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When I drive, I drive a pair of VW's. My '66 from the day the temp drops below 100F tot he day it goes back up to 100F And my passat in the summer (or if I'm on site with a customer and I need to look more professional). Even in teh Summer, I still roll the '66 on weekends and for shows and meets and whatnot, that's why God invented icewater, right? It's not strictly speaking "daily", as I am able to work from home quite a bit and then I don't need to go out.
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I'd have to say "The Blues" is a daily driver...well...let's say weekend driver.  We do use it most of the time when running around town.  What's the fun of having one that has to be under glass all the time?  It's far from a show car, but get's positive comments from all kinds of people wherever we go.

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while it's not a Super I drive my 66 Ghia as a daily driver (summer time only) as it is cheaper that the other options (94 Chevy truck) I have. And when my 76 Bug is back up and running I will be using it year around, and  will probably take it out in the woods a few times also.
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If it is between April and late October, if the ambient temperature will be at least 15 C. (that's about 60 F. for y'all down south of the 49th), if the forecast is for azure blue skies with maybe a 10 % chance of precipitation then yes MY72BUG is driven daily.  After $7000 was spent on body restoration to tame the rust demons this is as much as I would ask of my baby.
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I drive mine daily
Year round
allthough in the spring and fall I may take the bike more often they both a blast to drive.
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My 73 is definitely a daily driver. To and from work plus on weekends. It's what they were built for, right?

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Mine is the preferred mode of transportation on any given day. When she is not off the road for major upgrades, it is my daily driver. I picked her up last November, got her on the road in January, had her in the snow by months end. Drive her to work every day and cruse on the weekends. Even with all the chrome in the engine, there is nothing on a daily basis that some good ol' TLC on the weekends won't clean up.

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A thousand times, yes! It might take a little to make your beetle daily drive material, but I agree with those that think that it's what they're good at.

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i drive mine every single day, back and forth to work, store whatever. if i need to go somewhere with the wife, or on a little road trip ill take our audi.
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NICE! It's so great to see so many daily drivers out there. Up here in Toronto I get mine out every weekend until the snow flies.

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my 73 super was my dailer driver 7 days  a week for 3 years , (about 50 thousand miles) until i got my sand rail.


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