I got an email from a VW fanatic in the Philippines that draws VW avatars for forum use. He has them for every air-cooled VW ever made and they are fantastic!


Check it here: http://www.manilaghia.i.ph/blogs/manilaghia/

Wayne Dean
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Hahaha, Wayne, you found me out.


I've seen your Super and I love your Bug and what you've done with your webpage. I wanted to do something similar with my Ghia but decided to do something else. check out my ghia site http://www.geocities.com/igopaug/kg.html


Regarding the avatars, yes, I made over 100 Volkswagen avatars that Bug fans can freely download and use in my blog. If anyone is interested, check em out




Wayne, as a boobie prize, here's yours


Wayne Dean 1975 1303 (Super) - STOCK!


I also edited my last post to include yours




I am also thinking of starting a new thread here. Maybe in a day or so.




dennis (manilaghia)

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NICE! I've uploaded my new avatar and it looks awesome. My wife is flipping out over all of them. Thank you very much Dennis. I like the chrome wheels just like on my SB. If you get a chance can you add a metal sunroof outline to my ride?


You are a real talent and I'd like to welcome you to our forum.  


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Dennis did a little tweaking to the original drawing to show the detail of the sunroof that came on my La Grande. The picture speaks for itself, fantastic!


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 WOW! That's something else. I can almost hear that sweet v-dub motor singing as that bug rocks back 'n forth.  Just add that sound an then you've got something!


Great job!

Loren R. Knapp
In The Hot Sonoran Desert of Arizona - 73 Super Beetle "The Blues."
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