Hello VW gurus,
I have a 74 vert super beetle body and was going to put it on a 74 sun bug chassis. Last month my son crashed the sun bug with massive body damage however the chassis and other than the back seat upper section is in good shape, engine runs but not very well, steering is loose and pops out of third gear.
I have about 2 grand to spend on this project. 2 helpful guys who work for beer.
Is it worth it to move forward with the body swap and repairs?
Do the body mounts line up on any other super beetle years like a 72-74, are other years interchangeable?
Should I buy another 74 super B with a great engine and good chassis and just part out the sun bug?

Thanks for any and all ideas and input!


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The extent of the work you need sounds like a LOT more than your $2000 budget.  Any work done to a convertible requires a body shop with very skilled and experienced people otherwise the vehicle's doors will not close correctly and the vehicle will not align properly.

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Yes working on a Karmann built Cabriolet is very costly...

I would recommend You get another 74 Super and sell the sunbug...

or if the engine is only need of a tune up - with new spark plugs, points, spark plug leads , distributor rotor, distributor cap and condenser..
unless Your car has an electronic ignition ??
but car jumping out of 3rd gear isn't a quick fix normally....

We didn't have an electrical ignition or fuel injected beetles sold in Australia

best of luck


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