I previously posted this in the wrong forum, Is its possible to convert a bone stock 74 super from carb to later fuel injection? What is involved? Just curious. Thanks everyone

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Possible?  Yes

Practical?  Not IMO

To go with a stock VW FI system, you would have to find lots of difficult to find parts, run fuel return lines etc.  The complete 75-79 fuel injected exhaust system with heater boxes, heater control boxes, EGR assembly, muffler, etc will run you close to $1000 for new parts. 

It comes down to how much money you want you spend and if it will really be worth it.  You can find used parts online, but it will still be pricey.

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Don't forget the "brain box" ,the extra engine wiring and components, also the complete air intake and throttle body. Oh and the intake end castings made for injectors...and the injectors themselves... Anything is possible but, unless you have a junk fuelie sitting around with all the parts on it you may want to start by pricing things first before putting any money in to this. Plus the stock VW (Bosch) fuel injection systems for the old Bug were next to impossible to Hot Rod or boost for performance or mileage, so there is almost no gain in the switch.
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I would say if you want fuel injection go with one of the kits CB performance has.

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I'm planning on doing this to my 74 super once I finish the body reclamation project. I'm going to run an extra fuel line while I'm replacing the passenger floor and rocker. I hope to be picking-up a used Redline kit for the conversion.
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in my country some people put 98 mexican beetle engines (F I . hidraulics valves) in their cars succesfully but its just a swap , think you guys dont have this luck...try with cb s fuel injection.

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Plus, '74-earlier heads will not have bosses cast in for the sensors (which means F.I. heads and smaller exhaust valves, which could be remedied by having the heads machined for larger valves and seats).

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