Could some one help me which one to buy?

I am going to buy a sat navi for my passat. I found two models through google, but I don't know which one to buy. The price almost the same. Pros and cons, it's really hard to decide...

The first one, a unit with iphone style and fashionable design.

The second one, I found a demo online, there is no video for it.

mary xie
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Boy that's a tough one! For me the only place I can use a GPS system is in my boat or on my Snowmachine or my gas powered wheelchair (4 wheeler) and on those I use Garmin products exclusively(when your 75 miles from that bridge to nowhere and out of gas or broke it's nice to be able to give search and rescue reliable coordnance to come find you.) As for getting lost on the roads up here though it's next to impossible as we only have two... one goes north(with a short jog over to Canada) and one goes south, that one ends rather abruptly at the end of a little spit of land called Homer.
P.S. you might want to look at this site
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I have a TOM TOM GPS in mY car, but its a portable unit that sticks to the windshield...
The ones you are looking at are made for the car....

Try to find out which one is the easiest to use....

best of Luck


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+1 for Garmins. I have one i use hiking and another I use in the car.
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