I have a 74 Super vert that I am going to have repainted. This will be a fender off, new welts job and I am thinking of having all the rubber replaced as well.  Body is good with minor rust spots, but nothing too hard to grind out.  Anyone have an opinion on what a decent paint job (daily driver, not show) should run me in the Boston area?  Also, I am thinking of doing this without pulling the interior, so this is exterior only. If someone thinks this is unwise, I am willing to listen.  Thanks

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I paid about 1350.00 to have my bug repainted the original color, along with some bodywork.  That was a complete sanding (apparently the new paints interact badly with some of the old paints, so my body and paint man couldn't get by with just sealing the old stuff), priming, color coat, and 3 cots of clear.  Be prepared for sticker-shock on the cost of the paint- 450.00 of the 1350.00 was for paint alone!  The results of a good paint job are unbelievable.  I wouldn't worry about your interior if you are matching the original color, but to me it looks tacky if the outside is a respray in a completely different color than the original, and the interior isn't matched. I am pretty handy, but after researching doing the paint myself, I decided not to try it- there's too much to go wrong.  (you will hear many guys saying "I did it myself, and it came out great", but there a whole lot more out there who had bad results).  You can get a Maaco or Earl Schieb paint job for less, and pay a whole lot more for some custom body shop to do the job.  I searched out a local Mom-and Pop body and paint shop, a guy who has been painting hot-rods since they were called jalopies, and he did a beautiful job.  Ask around at car-shows, and at those little lots that have really nice used cars- they usually know someone like my guy.
Good Luck!

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Paint..one heck of a topic.  I had "The Blues" painted over 8 years ago at a local body shop and it cost just over $1300.  Might have been more had I not pulled all the bumpers, fender beading (please don't paint over those...tacky looking) lights etc. I recall the first time I had it painted I didn't pull the windows...not a good plan.  Any how, no matter what you pay and do there's always something better.  Mine is a daily driver..not a gorgeous show car.  During my Tucson Bug club days...I put her in many shows. One time one of our members who rebuilt and painted show V-dubs brought what is known as "orange peel" to my attention.  That's the slight look of a bumpy orange seen just under the shine when looked at from an angle.  Sorry to say "The Blues" has this on the doors only, but I can't afford a $5000 paint job.

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We have a body shop where I work and I got a complete paint job with some repairs to the body for around $1000.00. If you are handy you can save some money by stripping the car yourself. I loosened off all the fenders and removed the beading. Then I took off all the chrome, weatherstrips and loosened all the lights so that I could remove them when I my Super to the shop.

Try to have them paint the inside of the doors so you get a good match and please don't change the outside color and leave the interior another. I also had them call a mobile glass company to remove all the glass during the paint job. When the car was finished I had it brought to my house on a flatbed trailer and then I reassembled it myself. It's good to know that it has been done right and I knew that if I stripped the car myself they wouldn't be able to cut any corners.  

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  Me and you sound alot alike. Well I was thinkin about taking my car to the body shop and leaving it there and doing so much at a time. Well He didn't say nothing to me about stripping it. He also said he wanted to replace the front apron because it would look better. I also have to agree with him I think it would also.. .. Take care of them pretty VW's and "keep em fweeming" As the website says...
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