I have a '72 Super ('vert) with black interior. I need a rear ashtray. I have one installed on the other side of the cabin; it is chrome and white (see attached). This is one of the few chrome accessories in the cabin, so I suspect its not original equipment. But it fits perfectly.

I just bought a black ashtray, which looks like it would be correct, but its too deep for the existing bracket.

Is the pictured ashtray original equipment for a '72 Super 'vert? Or do I need to swap brackets and install the deeper black ashtray to have it look original?

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I got you an answer over at the forum:


The ashtray you have that is Chrome was a stock item in 1970 that was added to the Bug by the dealer as an accessory or came from Germany as factory installed package.

The aftermarket black ones are copies of the Mexico and Brazil newer models and have a deeper tray. (I think because they used the Bugs as taxis there)

Anyways, the chrome ones in the rear panels are correct (black stock in dash) You can use the black ones with modifications.
Hope this helps.

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Thank you.  I heard from others that the narrow chrome ashtray is correct for a '72 Super convertible.  Now the problem is finding one.  The classified ads at Samba have similar-looking ashtrays for '50s - '60s convertibles, but I'm not sure if those will fit mine.  I've never seen one advertised for a '70s Super.  Any ideas?


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