My passenger side rear window is jammed ... The previous owner tried to reuse the lift hardware and it has just had the radish....

The glass is good but the regulator is almost in pieces...

Any good leads on where to find replacements?

Seems a shame to have to leave the one window up with the top down!

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VW Help has one listed on this page:


15-- #150 300 372R...Window Regulator Right Rear 1/4 window Convertible Only   

15-- #R24412...Window Regulator Right Rear 1/4 window T1...8/67-7/79 Convertible Only  


Shoot them an email at and see if Vic can help you out!

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Thanks Wayne! Again, you've come through for me! Man the W in vw must stand for Wayne...


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 well. I have installed a lift support for my beetle. especially for that back window. it really looks good.

Really Now that would be cool to see, howbout some pictures. 
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