I have been recently finishing up my 1973 super beetle I have gone to great lenghts to making this bug nice and I have run into a slight problom the 1973 super beetle is a little rarer then the other bugs and finding a dashboard in excellent condition is impossible and i was hoping someone had an idea or clue where to look price isnt an issue here i am willing to go to great lenghts to get one. Thanks for your Time and help

Sam Steele

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Hang in there-  my brother has a '73 Sport Edition Super (I thought it was a '74 until he corrected me yesterday)  His dash was cracked and he spent months looking for one, and recently picked up a great one on thesamba.com for 100.00 bucks. (I think including shipping)  The guy he bought it from had several, but sold them quickly.  They are out there, just challenging to find.  I'm going to help him put it on laterr this summer.

John Scribner

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You can get them redone. I'm pretty sure there is a thread with the contact info. It's kind of expensive but I would imagine that the newer material that is used would be more uv resistant than og. I'm going to have my '74 dash  done when I get the $$$.

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There's a place down in Texas that will do it for about $450.

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Another option is to cover the dash with an ABS dash top.




Some folks do their own, I had an upholstery shop glue it on;  It did require some "cutting" and "forming".  I am happy with the result. 


If you go this route, make sure that the metal fresh air vent is part of the process.

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